Story Massage

Ready Set GROW! Fun toddler and me classes

Story Massage is over the clothes massage, including the shoulders, back and hands. Incorporating ten simple moves guided by magical stories, well known rhymes & poems. Story Massage is very adaptable for a variety of ages, abilities making it a great family favourite.

Join our weekly fun, friendly & creative groups at the Shoreham and Worthing. Children, parents, caregivers and grandparents all welcome!  Please only try it on the dog at home 🙂

There is also additional products to support you available in the class. *Pre book only*

Wednesday 12.30 – 1.30 Broadwater

Saturday 10:30 -11.30 Shoreham Centre

 £4.00  for 1 Adult

£6.00 for 1 Adult with up to 2 children

3 years +

(under 3 are welcome and are not charged)

Book 10 for £50.00 

Discovery Workshops

Learn how to make your own creative stories with our Workshops.

Party time

Are you looking for a birthday party idea! Book a Story Massage party for age 5- 10 years. Fun easy to learn songs and games for an hour, inclusive to bring different ages and interests together. From £80.00 Rainbow, Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts please feel free to message me for further information on program activities for wellbeing, mental heath and Story Massage team building.

  • Relaxation of the mind and body, easing tension and reliving stress
  • Sharing and receiving promotes the feel good hormones which help to boost our sense of wellbeing
  • Asking and giving a massage promotes empathy and awareness of others
  • Create a clam time for your children to experience
  • Reduction in aggressive and hyperactive behaviour
  • Improvement in concentration
  • Learning and using to coveting experiences into emotional language
  • A fun way for families to connect
  • Open an emotional conversation with your children and help children feel emotional connected and supported.

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Check out the wonderful Story Massage u tube channel

Time to say I love you (Story Massage)

Time to say I love you   Circle Rest hand on shoulders When’s it the best time to say I love you Fan up Shall I say it when you wake me with a kiss Squeeze Shall I say it when you’re riding tall upon my shoulders  Claw Shall I say it when we’re chasing across the...

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