Relax in the tranquil space of Laroma Therapies, Buckingham Road Worthing.

Home visits available Wednesday to Monday up to 8pm.

Reflexology is a popular and relaxing session based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops and side of the feet correspond to areas throughout the body. In this way the feet can be seen as a map of the body. Reflexology is pressure point work on the feet, a firm none tickly pressure.

Reflexology sessions in Worthing, Shoreham by sea are available for all ages and are adaptable to individual needs.

Is reflexology for me?

It is great for everyone and is flexible to work on hands as well as the feet.

If you have a medical condition question please contact me: 07787258649

What happens during a reflexology treatment?

A appointment lasts approximately 45 min.

In your first session an extra 10 min consultation is included.

Only required to remove shoes and socks, enjoy the relaxing treatment room while reclining back and put your feet up.

The pressure is not ticklish but firm.

Please feel free to arrive a little early or stay after the appointment to enjoy Laroma’s relaxation space and range of herbal teas.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a practice for activating the healing powers for the body. The practice is both old and new. Working on the feet to promote good health is seen in many cultures including the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians. We are not sure how close their footwork was to the Reflexology we use today.

Modern Reflexology has the feet and hands divided into zones corresponding areas within the body. The science of Reflexology (zone therapy) was developed in America in 1917 Dr. Fitzgerald an ear, nose and throat specialist working at the Boston City Hospital. He experiments included using the pressure on the hands by using cloths pegs, elastic bands and even surgical clamps to relive pain. Throughout rest of the early 20 centaury the map came together and we believe the ends of the body have ends of nerves the activating them activate the corresponding body area.

The activation is not only to relive pain but to awaken (unblock) dis-eased areas, promoting rebalance and a great sense of relaxation.

Have some fun with an interactive foot chat

“I very much enjoyed my first taster of reflexology and I will definitely re-book a full session with Liz soon. I found Liz to be very calming and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease right away.”

Live – Laugh – Love

Complementary therapy along side Orthodox (mainstream) medicine has become popular for addressing many conditions and every day niggles.

“Always consult a GP or other medical professional for medical attention and advice. Your doctor is responsible for your health please inform them of your complimentary therapies.”

Price List

45 min reflexology – £42.00

Luxury 60 min reflexology plus a personal aromatherapy foot massage £46.00

lunch time treat 30 min reflexology – £20.00  

Click here for under 16s reflexology

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