Pure Soul code of conduct

Towards clients:

I behave with integrity and professionalism I work to your highest good and the best interests of those you treat. I must respect client confidentiality at all times. I will not attempt to treat beyond your ability. I must not claim to cure medical conditions and will refer a client to their doctor if suspect serious ill health and I will record I have given this advise. I will not abuse trust, or cause undue distress or embarrassment. I will show clients the consideration that you would expect to receive. I will provide a clean, hygienic environment for treatment

Towards colleagues

Behave with consideration, fairness, professionalism and integrity. To work in collaboration with other therapists.

Towards the medical profession

GP are responsible for you health and remains responsible for the care of his /her patient. Please seek a doctors consent if treating someone with an illness and record that you have received conformation. A doctor may refuses consent for the treatment. To keep a doctor informed of the pogress of his patient in wriitting unless otherwise informed. To foster a good working relationship with the NHS.

Standerds of practice

To be adequately insured. To keep comprehensive records on clients. To maintain the highest possible standards of practice. To keep up to date with advances in your therapy and complete CPD. Not to exaggerate claims for your therapy verbally or in advertising or literature.

Pure Soul is a social enterprise

In late 2011 the council I was working with pulled the funding for the Sure Start Centre, in turn my subsidise funding for Baby Reflexology supporting Teen Mums. What ever your thought of Reflexology, even the basic help of self empowerment and feeling of achievement in knowing a way to support their children was amazing. I was not able to expand or keep the service going. So in 2016 Pure Soul was rebranded and became a Social Enterprise.

What does that mean?

A social enterprise is a company that has strong social values.

Pure Soul Values

The befits of wellbeing should be accessible to all regardless of social economic status or physical ability to access.




As a social enterprise we put over 50% of all profit back into Pure Soul and your local community. That means every time you have a wonderful relaxing treatment you are contributing to supporting passing on wellbeing support and your community.

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