Grounding, protection and health

 So what is grounding?

Ever felt rushed, thrown off balance by little things or feel like you are giving your energy away.

Have you ever had that feeing from leaving an holistic therapy of floating?

May be physically feeling lighter or may be your emotions were floating, laughing or feeling hyper. If this has been the case the therapist has not grounded you very well.

As therapists we want you to leave grounded. Being grounded ourselves helps us pass this on to you as part of our therapy. Being in this state induces the off switch for your sympathetic nervous system and encourages relaxation.

In scientific studies it has shown that grounded people make better leaders, managers and teachers. Grounding for me is made up of three things, energy, centre and earthed.

Believing the unseen

Energy is all around us. From switching on a light, to a plant growing in the garden. We use energy to feed our minds and bodies down to every cell. More than that we believe that all living things have energy all around them, in peaks, flows, given and received. We are eternal energy and more powerful than we think.

Do you have that friend that you come away from tired or low of energy. Energy may be have been taken from your being.

An exercise to help protect your energy,

Stand  up tall, close your eyes, breath in deep and slow 3 times. In through your nose and out through your mouth.

Feel your feet melt like chocolate into the floor, feeling more and more connected to the floor.

Continue to feel and be aware of  your breath. On the out breath imagine breathing out the colour purple. The colour surrounds like a personal bubble, keeping your amazing energy protected. 

Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes and come back into the room.   

A great one for the morning shower.

Being centred

Being centred helps you firmly anchor yourself to the present.

You don’t feel happy or sad in the Center. You’re not positive or negative. In the Center, you are neutral.

Nothing blocks you from moving forward and nothing throws you off balance out of the blue.

We are always in flux with in our minds and bodies. The two keys to finding centre:

Awareness: the ability to detect when you’re out of Center in the moment.
Method: an effective practice for centering yourself.

Activities like mindfulness, yoga and digphramic breathing are good tools for helping finding centre.

Everyday things like giving your self time, waking  up in positive ways to start the day well, having a routine and connecting with people are all amazing thing to practice to be centred.


The best ideas are usually the most simply.

People say it is wonderful to have a trip the beach, lay on the ground, to look at the stars or to have a picnic. Why? yes it a break, a nice change, food, beautiful stars… but it is also because you are connected to the earth.

It is free, is it simple and it feels good. Get your feet out and walk on the earth, the concrete, the golf course and in the park.. you always have your feet with you.

The earth is negatively charged and through our bare feet connecting, it balances our positive ions built up through stress.

Is it good for my health?

Due to modern life we don’t have dangers that pass quickly, like a loin or fire. We have debt, and long work hours, our heads filled with ‘I have to’s’.

Through our bodies feeling connected and calmer it switches down our alarm system, knows as flight or fight response. When we drop our alarm systems we flood every cell in our minds and in our bodies with the happy hormones. Improving the immune system and building stronger connections. Relaxation is good for our current and preventative heath.

 Please feel free to share below.

In Health and happiness

Liz x