Chill Skills

Chill Skills is suitable for Tweens and Teens.

Over 8 weeks, 1 hour class, the Chill Skills course incorporates relaxation techniques, positive affirmations, visualisations, practice diaphragm breathing, massage, starching, discussion and understanding of the science of the brain.

With a variety of activities and tools to take home, work through and reflect on. Including goal sheets, vision planing, mood diaries to name just a few.

All tweens and teens can benefit, if your child is into sports, wanting to work in an area that has public speaking or just looking to develop skills for life they can use at any time they may hit bumps in the road.

The aim of the course

To raise self-esteem

To promote positive self-image

To develop understanding of the mind, body connection

To promote the importance and appreciation of relaxation and being present

To develop emotional intelligence

To develop understanding and practice of self regulation

To promote social inclusion

To develop healthy behaviours

To raise the achievement of children


Please see below for a course outline. Please contact me for detailed course information.

1 Positive Thinking

What is positive thinking?

In this session we will be looking at inspiration journals, gratitude lists, positive language to describe themselves and others. This a perfect place to start and a great induction to the 7 steps of the session.

2 Visualisation

Discover the power of visualisation.

We will learn how visualisation can it be used as tool, when we might use it. For example for exams, competitions, social events.

Sports and actors icons such as Michale Jordan and Jim Carrey use mental training as important as physical training.

This a fab session with activities covering creativity and visualisation experiments.

3 Dealing with stress

Stress and the affects

This session explains some of the science, what does it feel like, the mind and body connection.

The session includes self massage, the importance of relaxation, stitching and exercising it out of the body. Yoga to calm the mind.

Also we are building on the other sessions and using our journals and visualisations.

4 Moods and Anger Management
5 Healthy Living
6 Look after your self - Loving the self
7 What is real happiness
8 Self belief - self empowerment

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