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Grounding, protection and health

 So what is grounding? Ever felt rushed, thrown off balance by little things or feel like you are giving your energy away. Have you ever had that feeing from leaving an holistic therapy of floating? May be physically feeling lighter or may be your emotions were floating, laughing or feeling hyper. If this has been […]


Can I give you a massage?

Kindness: the quality of being generous and considerate. Wow that’s a lot packed into one little word. It not a word that we are born knowing how to do mind. A Brownie found her first meeting was a scary, her big sister came up, said to her would you like a hug? My heart just […]

Once upon a touch…

With pressures from our busy lives, the clocks changing, holidays, weekends and many other reasons our bedtime’s can be difficult, we need all the tools we can get up our selves! If you find the time for a bedtime story why not pack it full of all the love and calmness we can. Story massage is […]

The Language of touch…

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