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Protected: Story Massage Workshop Notes

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Protected: Short fun rhymes

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Time to say I love you (Story Massage)

Time to say I love you   Circle Rest hand on shoulders When’s it the best time to say I love you Fan up Shall I say it when you wake me with a kiss Squeeze Shall I say it when you’re riding tall upon my shoulders  Claw Shall I say it when we’re chasing across […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Once upon a time, it was the summer holidays!! ok lets admit it we all have our own unique feelings about this time of year. For adults and for children the holidays can be a time of joy and hope or even anger and disappear. While us adults are juggling the enormity of airport parking, […]

B is for Bounce

B is for bounce Bounce is a soft pulking moment. Bounce is vibrant movement and is included in a lot of story massage. Hands set one either side of the spin, up by the shoulder, finger tips touching the back, fingers spread  open and  resting gently. pull the fingers together, bringing in the fingers to […]


Protecting your child’s skin in the sun

Protecting your child’s skin in the sun With summer fast approaching, make sure you’re ready to protect your child’s skin against harmful UV rays. British Skin Foundation spokesperson and Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto shares essential sun safety advice. Young skin & UV “Young skin is particularly vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Babies […]

My 5 Top Children Therapy Books

Can I give you a massage?

Kindness: the quality of being generous and considerate. Wow that’s a lot packed into one little word. It not a word that we are born knowing how to do mind. A Brownie found her first meeting was a scary, her big sister came up, said to her would you like a hug? My heart just […]

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