Baby Reflexology

Baby reflexology program allows parents & care givers easy routines to use natural, simple, safe and enjoyable techniques on their babies feet.

Specially adapted foot reflexology by Jenny Lee. With over 15 year experience in physiotherapy & reflexology designed with simple to learn moves to support your baby on the go. The moves were developed to help ease & relive many discomforting conditions your baby may have.

Including, Asthma, colic, teething, sleeping patens.

Available at Laroma Therapies or in the comfort your own home.

 Is baby reflexology for my family?

No oils, no creams, no removing of clothing apart form socks.

Easy, simple on the go routines to support your baby where ever you are.

For babies 4 weeks to walking

How to learn
  • 3 sessions for 1 hour each – Week 1 Feeding & digestion, Week 2 Calming & Sleeping, Week 3 Wellbeing
  • 2 caregivers per baby included
  • Baby reflex may be taught 1-2-1 or in a group with friends & family
  • Please feel free for your baby to be present
  • Take home all you need to know with information pack including, simple charts & practice feet
  • Option to add a party pack for groups of 4 babies to 8 babies click here

£80.00  1-2-1 (two care givers one/twin baby)  £50 per family if booking a of group of 4+ (family = two caregivers to one/twin baby)


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