About Me

Hello I am Liz.

It is wonderful to have you here and I hope you enjoy discovering Pure Soul.

I went in to holistic therapies for my own health and am still on a journey today. A journey to understand me and journey of wellbeing.

I have a passion for sharing what I have found and welcome you all to share your discoveries and journeys too.

I was that child that hide behind mum, who hated to go anywhere. I have dyslexia and my brain to other can appear to work in odd ways. I get overwhelmed and hyper sensitive. I am not sharing this to show my weakness or to be more authentic with you but to share my strengths.

My journey stared to “fix” my physical aliments, eczema, migraines and low energy, anxiety and depression. Yet I have found these were symptoms as well as causes of my wellbeing state. I can ‘fix’ them but they would return. So this is why I call it my journey. We are all in a life balancing act… a permeant state of change.

Wellbeing for me is beyond that, it’s living well through, on and in health and sickness. We can’t beat ourself up for not being good at sports when we dance for 6 hours (in heals) every Friday night! We can’t say we are not creative just because you could not draw is art class.. like 20 years ago!

It about learning to dance in the rain, the storm, the hail and have the best fun doing it! Life is so short lets embrace every moment of it.

I qualified in 2007 as an Holistic Therapist, including aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and Indian head massage.

I am a registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and Children’s Complimentary Health Council.

Since 2011 Pure Soul was set up in Grayshott, Surrey, later in 2013 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Lots of reflexology clients loved the safe space of my therapy room, the smell, the treatment and the time out of every day life. So in 2016 PureSoul was recreated for you to not only to enjoy but embrace and discover the easy ways to bring into everyday life. Pure Soul is a social enterprise working with you, your family and community.

Over the last 10 years I have worked with adults and children. Subsequently I have qualified in Story Massage, Baby Reflexology and Toddler Reflexology. In 2013 I went to a conference at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital that changed my life and the way I was working. I have worked along side some amazing people who have been developing great tools in working to support children off all ages. With reflexology, aromatherapy and massage have been adapted to fun age appropriate activities.  I work to empower parents, care givers to develop tools to support your family wellbeing and connection. Children minds and bodies are changing faster than at any other time in our lives and I wish I had found reflexology years ago.

Along side my therapies I volunteer as a Brownie helper and currently run a pack in Portslade. I also teach the lifesaving skill of swimming. This is on a 1-2-1 basis, working with your children’s unique learning style and confidence levels. Currently I am Studding Child Psychology with the Open University.

I hope you enjoy the therapies and products I offer. To find further information and to keep up to date please join PureSoul on Facebook.

In health and happiness
Liz xx